This Content Policy highlights the type of content prohibited by in any literary work submitted to our platform for narration and/or distribution (which includes title, cover art and meta data/description) as well as any content such as reviews for book store listings. All content must adhere to this Policy and any guidelines we make available from time to time on (the “Site”) or otherwise.

As a distributor of Audiobooks we do not believe in the limitation or restriction of free speech, however, where audio or other content is clearly illegal, objectionable or questionable, we have an obligation to consider such content and in certain cases remove it from our Site, including our Book Store.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to determine any content in breach of our guidelines or this Policy from time to time. Content which is identified or is reported to us in breach of this Policy will be removed. Any royalties which may be due to authors or publishers will be forfeited and donated to an appropriate charity in our sole direction.

As Authors and/or publishers, you acknowledge and agree you are responsible for the content included within your literary work and to ensure it adheres to our guidelines from time to time. We invest in moderation tools to determine content deemed in breach of this Policy and our Terms of Use and will investigate and Audiobook deemed to fall foul of these terms.

By submitting your literary work to you acknowledge, understand and agree to the terms in this Policy, together with our Terms of Use and any other relevant terms on our Site from time to time.

1. Content which is prohibited.

The following categories are examples of content expressly prohibited:

1.1 Child Pornography

Sounded is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation.

We have a zero tolerance to child pornography. Users are expressly prohibited from using our service to, or attempt to, use our services for the distribution of any content containing Child Pornography. Where such content is reported or identified, we will remove such content from our site and liaise with appropriate authorities, including law enforcement, specific to any user who publishes or attempts to publish such content.

1.2 Extreme Pornography and Sexually Explicit Material

Users are expressly prohibited from using our service for content containing extreme adult material or material depicting or describing acts which are or would be deemed to be exploitative. This includes works which contain pedophilia, sexual violence, bestiality etc.

Works which contain adult content or pornography which is not deemed to be extreme, should be highlighted to us accordingly using our Audiobook Content Rating System. This assists prior to listing on our Book Store, as well as providing a sensible check for any users who may wish to listen to the audiobook.

Content ratings included in your literary work ISBN metadata can be used for your book descriptions and categories to ensure the book is correctly identified.

Content determined to be extreme will be removed and accounts suspended.

1.3 Illegal content

If you use our service in a jurisdiction where certain content is prohibited or illegal, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not violate local laws, by uploading or accessing content which is or may be prohibited. This includes attempting to use or access our services using a VPN. It is also your responsibility to ensure any work or content you upload to our service does not violate copyright laws or other Intellectual Property laws as set out in 1.7 below.

Further you must not use our service for any unlawful purpose or for the promotion of dangerous or illegal activities.

1.4 Offensive and Hateful Content

Users are expressly prohibited from using our service for the promoting or engaging in the promotion of offensive content or hate towards certain groups of individuals based on their sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or origin.

1.5 Violent Content:

Works containing direct threats of violence or targeted abuse against an individual or groups of people/organisations are strictly prohibited. You are not permitted to use our service for works containing graphic violence.

1.6 Terrorism Content

Users are prohibited from using our service for works inciting or encouraging acts of terrorism. Content deemed to contain incitement or encouragement of acts of terrorism will be removed and accounts suspended.

1.7 Infringing Content

We take violation of copyright seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure your work does not violate the law or copyright, trade mark, privacy rights, or other rights of any third party. All works must comply with our Copyright Infringement Policy. In accordance with our Copyright Infringement Policy, we will investigate as soon as practicable notices of alleged copyright infringement and where necessary, in our sole discretion, remove such content and suspend or terminate any associated account.

1.8 Private & Confidential Information:

You must not use our service for doxxing, or similar, including to disclose an individual’s private details, such as their address, telephone number, full name, date or birth, passport information or other information which is not accessible publicly, or for which such person or persons would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Content which is identified containing such information will be removed from our service and any account suspended.

1.9 Defamatory Content

You must not use our Site or services for publishing or making any defamatory statements or anything which may be considered libelous or slanderous.

The above list is not exhaustive. You should consider whether or not your Work is appropriate for our service, including our Book Store, prior to using our services.