Use of AI

How we use AI

The impact of AI is now unquestionable and as such, many people including businesses are exploring its impact and how it might help improve and automate many of its workflows.

Sounded is committed to the ethical use of AI and believes that labelling content where it has been generated, edited or otherwise derided is a step in the right direction.

Where we have direct knowledge of use, whether it from assisting an authors writing, creation of their cover art, or for our own internal use, we will label and highlight the appropriate model used when content is not fully human. If we find any creative work has been generated whereby the copyright holder may have not given full permission, we will take down this content and ensure all parties are made aware of the potential infringement.

If you are affected by unethical use of AI in or of your work in any way, please do contact the team directly to discuss your concerns and we will be more than happy to investigate and address them.


As a platform that allows authors, publishers and rights holders the ability to create audiobooks using synthetically narration (including our TrueVoice™ narrations), we feel it is important to distinguish between these titles and traditionally narrated studio titles. We label all of our audiobooks to show which type of narration is used. Below is the 3 different types of narration that Sounded offer:

Synthetic Narrated Audiobook

This work has been created with Synthetic Narration using AutoAudio technology by

TrueVoice™ Audiobook Production

This work has been produced using Sounded TrueVoice™ technologies, an ethical voice replica whereby the voice artist is paid royalties on every sale and has full control over its usage.

For more information about TrueVoice™, please visit

Studio Narrated Audiobook

This audiobook is a traditionally narrated work produced in a studio with a live voice actor and contains no content generated using Voice Replica technologies or synthetic narration.

The Future of AI in Audiobooks

Sounded is equally committed to the future of creative content being "human first".

The creative process is sacred. Artists, no matter what the medium, are always the first to be displaced when technology can. Collectively we need to decide on a sensible and pragmatic approach to rewarding creatives when AI technologies are involved, and this is the foundation of our TrueVoice™ program.

Human creativity is still limitless. Lets help keep it that way.