The Haunting

The Haunting by Tony Walker Audiobook
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Sounded ID: 9781518941924

ISBN: 9781518941924

Publication Date: February 08, 2017

Publisher: Author's Republic

Language: English

Author Name: Tony Walker

Narrator Name: Tony Walker

Studio Narrated Audiobook 51 mins | Fiction | Horror

The Haunting

Tony Walker
Author's Republic
Tony Walker

Studio Narrated Audiobook

This audiobook is a traditionally narrated work produced in a studio with a live voice actor and contains no content generated using Voice Replica technologies or synthetic narration.

You'd do anything to protect your child
So would Howard Dougan
So much so that he moves his family from the big city to live in an old house on an island in the middle of a lake. He thinks they'll be safe there.
There are memories on the island, but do they belong to the house or do they belong to the Dougans?
Howard doesn't realize that a secret is being kept from him, and when he does, it's far too late.


# Title Duration
1. hauntingacxintrocredits

0 mins 07 secs

2. hauntingmainforacx

49 mins 47 secs

3. hauntingacxoutrocredits

0 mins 07 secs

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